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Government Money Not Granted by Telemarketers

September 26, 2008 LITTLE ROCK -Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's office has recently received an increased number of consumer inquiries regarding offers of easy access to grant money available from the U.S. government. Consumers are receiving calls in which …   - Read More >

A Preventable Problem

September 19, 2008 Fire-related deaths occur at an alarming rate in the United States. On average, in 2005, someone died in a fire about every two hours and someone was injured every 29 minutes. Four out of five of these deaths occurred in the home. Even …   - Read More >

Be Smart about Credit

September 08, 2008 Becoming an adult is a wondrous event for most young people. In Arkansas, the age of 18 is considered adult status and that status brings with it many responsibilities. One of the things that can occur at age 18 is that consumers can apply …   - Read More >

Bogus Collectors Use Extortion

August 29, 2008 LITTLE ROCK In such tough economic times, many people are struggling to make ends meet and finding themselves behind on mortgage, credit and bill payments. Unfortunately for these consumers, calls from bill collectors have become an …   - Read More >

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse: An Alarming Trend

August 22, 2008 According to a recent study, prescription drug abuse by Arkansas teenagers between the ages of 12-17 is higher than prescription drug abuse by teens in any other state in the nation. Yet, Arkansas teenagers are not alone in experiencing this …   - Read More >

Don’t Leave Your Data Behind

August 15, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to remind Arkansas consumers to guard against the potential exposure of personal information when buying a new cell phone or other mobile electronic device.The …   - Read More >

Register Today, Keep Telemarketers at Bay

July 25, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most Americans are not strangers to telemarketers. Every day, millions of us pick up the phone only to hear a recording or a salesperson on the other end. While most of us consider telemarketers a simple annoyance, sometimes …   - Read More >

It’s No Mystery, It’s A Scam

July 18, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn Arkansans about the resurgence of the secret shoppers" or "mystery shoppers" scam. In the last few weeks

Odds Are You’re Not a Winner

July 11, 2008 LITTLE ROCK A lottery scam is not a new phenomenon. In fact, every day, thousands of Arkansans are notified, usually by email, that they are big winners in international sweepstakes. The allure of a million dollar payout, or more, can be …   - Read More >

Don’t Drive Off with a Bad Deal

July 08, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to provide Arkansans with tips on how to get the most bang for their buck when buying a car. With the end of the model year approaching