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The Hidden Dangers of Debt Relief

August 28, 2009 LITTLE ROCK -As debt continues to burden more and more Americans, debt settlement services seem more and more attractive to consumers looking to regain some financial security in such insecure economic times. However, many of these companies …   - Read More >

New Federal Law Designed to Help Some Tenants

August 21, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--In the wake of record home foreclosures around the nation, it is not just homeowners who are losing their homes. Many of these homes are occupied by renters, and in a typical foreclosure, the renter can be evicted and forced to …   - Read More >

Know the Facts about Cash for Clunkers

August 14, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--The federal government's Car Allowance Rebate System or CARS

State’s Lemon Law is a Little Sweeter

August 07, 2009 LITTLE ROCKIn Arkansas, if a consumer purchases a vehicle that has repeated, substantial problems that impair its use and cannot be fixed, that vehicle is considered a lemon, and the consumer could be entitled to a replacement or refund. In …   - Read More >

Why Act 573 Rocks

July 31, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--Most bills passed during the 2009 session of the General Assembly became law on July 31, including some new safeguards for consumers. One of those laws is Act 573, which prohibits the sale of tickets to most public performances …   - Read More >

Don’t be Fooled by Compliance Solicitation

July 24, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced that his office has sent a letter to a California-based company demanding that it abandon a deceptive solicitation which it has mailed to an unknown number of Arkansas businesses. …   - Read More >

GPS marking” of Arkansas Addresses by 2010 Census Workers”

July 17, 2009 Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel reported that his office has received inquiries from Arkansas residents regarding GPS marking" by United States Census personnel and issued a statement to advise consumers concerned about the process. …   - Read More >

Working at Home Doesn’t Always Pay

July 10, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - During difficult economic times, people looking for work and for additional income are prime targets for scam artists. Work-at-home" scams are one way in which honest

Celebrate Independence Day Safely

June 30, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - Traditionally, Americans celebrate our Independence Day with fireworks. While fireworks can be a lot of fun for the whole family, they can also pose a serious threat to their users and to innocent onlookers. The Consumer …   - Read More >

Nutraceuticals: Not a Medicinal Drug

June 26, 2009 The infomercials on your television screen, the pages of your newspaper, and your grocer's aisles have exploded with a trendy phenomenon called nutraceuticals." Nutraceuticals