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You Don’t Have to be on a Game Show to Use Your Lifeline

October 09, 2009 LITTLE ROCK -Certain consumers may be eligible to receive discounted phone service, and today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to inform Arkansans about the Lifeline" and "Link-Up" programs. "In these tough …   - Read More >

Employers Beware: Poster Predators on the Prowl

October 02, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued a consumer alert to Arkansas employers about required business notices. Even though state and federal laws require the posting of certain notices at businesses, these laws do not …   - Read More >

Don’t Be Harassed by Debt

September 25, 2009 LITTLE ROCK - In such tough economic times, many people are struggling to make ends meet and finding themselves behind on mortgage, credit and bill payments. Unfortunately for these consumers, calls from bill collectors have become an …   - Read More >

Don’t Get Reeled-in by Phishing Scams

September 18, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--Phishing" is a term used to describe a con-artist's attempt to solicit your sensitive personal information

Beware of Utility Bill Phishing

September 11, 2009 LITTLE ROCK -Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn consumers about a new scam targeting utility customers, especially electric cooperative customers, in Arkansas.There are two variations of this scheme. …   - Read More >

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse: An Alarming Trend

September 04, 2009 According to a recent study, prescription drug abuse by Arkansas teenagers between the ages of 12-17 is higher than prescription drug abuse by teens in any other state in the nation. Yet, Arkansas teenagers are not alone in experiencing this …   - Read More >

The Hidden Dangers of Debt Relief

August 28, 2009 LITTLE ROCK -As debt continues to burden more and more Americans, debt settlement services seem more and more attractive to consumers looking to regain some financial security in such insecure economic times. However, many of these companies …   - Read More >

New Federal Law Designed to Help Some Tenants

August 21, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--In the wake of record home foreclosures around the nation, it is not just homeowners who are losing their homes. Many of these homes are occupied by renters, and in a typical foreclosure, the renter can be evicted and forced to …   - Read More >

Know the Facts about Cash for Clunkers

August 14, 2009 LITTLE ROCK--The federal government's Car Allowance Rebate System or CARS

State’s Lemon Law is a Little Sweeter

August 07, 2009 LITTLE ROCKIn Arkansas, if a consumer purchases a vehicle that has repeated, substantial problems that impair its use and cannot be fixed, that vehicle is considered a lemon, and the consumer could be entitled to a replacement or refund. In …   - Read More >