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Don’t Fuel Up on a Fraud

April 18, 2008 LITTLE ROCK High gas prices have motivated many consumers to look for new ways in which to conserve fuel and money. Accordingly, when products that promise to increase fuel efficiency are advertised, energy-conscious consumers take notice. …   - Read More >

Springtime is Scam-time

April 11, 2008 LITTLE ROCK The spring season naturally motivates many Arkansans to get outside and tackle necessary home improvement projects that can't be done during the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer. At the same time, however, spring is …   - Read More >

Watch Out for Fair Weather Contractors

April 04, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Arkansas has been hit by a range of severe weather, from flooding to most recently, tornadoes. When these tragic events happen, most Arkansans want to dig deep, roll up their sleeves and help in the recovery and rebuilding …   - Read More >

Protect Your Financial Health, Hang-Up the Phone

March 28, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most of us are used to getting calls from telemarketers, and we simply know to hang-up the phone or politely refuse to buy what they are selling. However, a new telemarketing scam has hit Arkansas and claimed at least 10 …   - Read More >

Avoid a One-Way Ticket to a Rip-Off

March 21, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most of us would welcome the opportunity to make a little extra money, especially if the job does not require an advanced degree or years of experience. Accordingly, when consumers read ads in the newspaper about exciting jobs …   - Read More >

Rent a Car the Right Way

March 14, 2008 LITTLE ROCK With spring break right around the corner, many Arkansans will be traveling across the country on vacation. To make their trips as smooth as possible, today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to provide …   - Read More >

Beware of Prisoner Phone Scam

February 29, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most of us dread the thought of getting a phone call from the police or hospital telling us that a loved one is ill or has been seriously injured. Unfortunately, scam artists prey on such emotions to defraud consumers; thus, …   - Read More >

The Downsides of Debt Relief

February 22, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Consumer debt has increased at a staggering pace in recent years. In 2007, the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy jumped by 40 percent, with more than 800,000 individuals seeking relief through bankruptcy last year alone. …   - Read More >

RALs Offer Raw Deal

February 15, 2008 LITTLE ROCK While the warmer weather may be a sign that spring is right around the corner, another season is already in full swing: tax season. Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn Arkansans about the …   - Read More >

Warning About Pay-Forwarding

February 08, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most of us would not mind making extra money for little work; however, when such job opportunities come along, they are usually not legitimate employment. Accordingly, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert …   - Read More >