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Don’t Toy With Your Child’s Safety

August 17, 2007 LITTLE ROCK- This week's recall announcement by major toy manufacturer, Mattel Inc., added yet another cause for concern for parents of young children. In the United States, Mattel has recalled 265,000 toy cars due to lead paint concerns and …   - Read More >

Tire Recall Details

August 10, 2007 LITTLE ROCK- Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced the details of a tire recall instituted by New Jersey-based Foreign Tire Sales, Inc. On August 2, 2007, Attorney General McDaniel issued a consumer alert advising Arkansans of …   - Read More >

The Downside to Debit Cards

August 03, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Increasingly, consumers across the country are using their debit cards to pay for a number of goods and services, ranging from gas for their cars to school supplies for their kids. In fact, point-of-sale debit usage has grown …   - Read More >

Part-time Job Scams Mean Full-time Troubles

July 27, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Most of us would welcome the opportunity to make a little extra money with little effort. Accordingly, when consumers get emails or read ads in the newspaper about part-time jobs that will only require a couple hours of work per …   - Read More >

Businesses Beware of Fax Phishing Scheme

July 20, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Recently, the Public Protection Department of the Attorney General's Office has received inquiries from business owners who have gotten official-looking faxes from the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). The fax …   - Read More >

Take Steps to Keep Your Identity Safe

July 13, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Recently, Certegy Check Services, Inc., a national check verification and collection service company, experienced a data breach when an employee stole consumers' personal information, sold that information to a data broker that, …   - Read More >

Small Businesses Beware of City Map Scam

July 06, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Advertising is a good way to put one's business on the map: if more people know about your product, more people are likely to buy it. Recently, however, the Public Protection Department of the Attorney General's Office has …   - Read More >

HUD Tracers Offer Dud Deal

June 29, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Imagine picking up the phone and hearing somebody on the other end tell you that the federal government owes you money. Sounds too good to be true, right? In fact, Arkansans and people across the country get these phone calls …   - Read More >

Don’t Make Hasty Health Care Decisions

June 22, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Medicare Advantage plans are private insurance plan options available to Medicare beneficiaries. While they are not new, these plans are now the fastest growing segment of the Medicare market. At the same time, however, the …   - Read More >

Don’t Pay It Forward

June 08, 2007 LITTLE ROCK With summertime close upon us, many Arkansans, especially students, will log onto the Internet to try and pick up some extra work and earn some extra pocket money. While many legitimate employment opportunities exist online, many …   - Read More >