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April 28, 2009

Any Information will help Investigation

LITTLE ROCK- LITTLE ROCK- Following up on last week's Consumer Alert, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel asked Arkansans to contact the Attorney General's office with information they may have gathered after being called by telemarketers selling auto warranties.

The entities responsible for the calls have made the investigation more difficult by using fake numbers for the purpose of caller identification systems, a practice called, "Caller ID Spoofing." That practice also violates the law and is an indication that the underlying offer is questionable.

"The Attorney General's office is investigating numerous potential legal violations by the people making the calls," McDaniel said. "We need your help to provide us with any information you can gather such as the name of the company or the phone number they called from."

Currently, 40 Attorneys General are involved in a Multi-State investigation of this situation. While Multi-State groups often act as a group when suing companies, the Arkansas Attorney General's office is considering separate action and is asking Arkansans to help.

Arkansans can call the Public Protection Department of the Attorney General's Office at 501-682-2341 or 800-482-8982 or send an email to