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April 11, 2008


Website, PSA's to Help Educate Arkansas' Youth

LITTLE ROCK- Today, Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced the launch of a new initiative and website called, "Be Street Smart."

The hub of this program is the website, This is a centralized informational source for the issues that we deal with and that are important to most Arkansans: identity theft; online safety; scams; meth; and protecting seniors. Each of these sections provides an overview of the topic, preventative tips, and ways to get help.

For many years now, the Community Relations Department instructors in the Attorney General's office have traveled all around the state giving presentations at schools, fairs, senior centers and other places on all sorts of important issues. Last year alone the Community Relations Department made 773 presentations to about 69,000 people throughout the state, traveling to each and every county.

Traditionally, we have used Public Service Announcements to reach even more people, especially those who cannot or are unable to attend these presentations in person, which have proven highly effective. Even then you cannot get all the information people need into one 30 second spot.

"Be Street Smart was launched as a comprehensive initiative aimed at coordinating our outreach efforts so that we can get more information, to more people, anytime, anywhere in the state," McDaniel said. "While the website will be the hub of the initiative, it will also include PSA's and a combination of other media to reach more Arkansans.

Be Street Smart was designed to make it easier for parents, teachers, community leaders and the elderly-who may not get around so well but are, at the same time, the fastest growing population of Internet users-to get the information they need in an easy to use format.