Attention Sony CD Buyers

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April 26, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this alert to remind affected consumers of their right to submit a claim for settlement benefits or repair reimbursement from Sony BMG as a result of harmful content-protection software embedded within certain Sony BMG music CDs. To protect material from piracy or unlawful copying, Sony installed software called Extended Copy Protection (XCP) on 52 of its music titles and MediaMax CD-3 on 50 of its music titles. A list of these titles can be found on the company's Web site: When consumers played these CDs on their computers, the software automatically installed itself on the user's machine, interfering with the operation of Microsoft Windows and making the computer more susceptible to virus attacks and security leaks. As a result, many consumers suffered damage to their computers and a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company for distributing the infected CDs. In response, the CDs were recalled and the company settled the lawsuit, agreeing to compensate affected consumers. In a separate agreement with the Arkansas Attorney General and 39 other states, Sony agreed to continue the consumer claims process through June 30, 2007.Affected consumers include those who purchased, received or used the Sony CDs containing the faulty software. If you played an infected CD on your computer, you must uninstall XCP or MediaMax CD-3 in order to reduce security risks or download an important security update as part of the claims process. Information on how to address such security issues on your machine can be found on Sony's Web site at: you ran one of the infected titles on your computer, you can check to see if the software is on your machine by running a program, available for download here: Note that the XCP detection program is listed as #12 under XCP Frequently Asked Questions" and the MediaMax CD-3 detection program is listed as "#20." On this Web page you can also find important information on how the lawsuit's settlement works and how it affects you.If you have had certain types of damage to your computer as a result of running an infected CD