Bogus Collectors Use Extortion

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August 29, 2008 LITTLE ROCK In such tough economic times, many people are struggling to make ends meet and finding themselves behind on mortgage, credit and bill payments. Unfortunately for these consumers, calls from bill collectors have become an unwelcomed addition to their daily routine. But what happens if you get a phone call from a debt collector for a debt you don't owe or don't remember incurring? Recently, Arkansas consumers have been the recipients of phone calls from a phony debt collection operation, and today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn Arkansans about this new scam. From the complaints received by the Public Protection Department, investigators know that the scam artist calls the consumer, and informs him that he has an outstanding debt. Using a threatening manner, the caller demands that the consumer wire money immediately or face arrest. Some frightened consumers, especially elderly consumers, may have thought that they had forgotten owing the bill, and in fear of the threatened consequences, sent the money. The attorney general has reports that some victims in other states have turned over a lot of their hard earned money to pay debts they do not owe. Consumers who find themselves in hard financial times