Businesses Beware Phony Placemats Pitch

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May 16, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Businesses, as well as individual consumers, can be targets for scam artists, who use a variety of ploys and tactics for the purposes of committing fraud. Most recently, the Public Protection Department of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office has received a handful of complaints about a new advertising scam sweeping across the state. Thus, today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn Arkansas business owners about this new scam. According to the complaints, local businesses have received unsolicited phone calls from a person offering advertising space on newly designed placemats to be used by a local Mexican restaurant. However, when the business owner buys an ad on the placemat, he or she soon learns that the restaurant has not signed any contract to use new placemats and has no plans to use them. The ad seller had simply lied about the distribution of the placemats, leaving the business owner with a net loss between $170 and $225.''While the sales pitch and scheme is new, the method is not, said McDaniel. "Businesses receive unsolicited sales calls about everything from copy supplies to healthcare insurance