McDaniel Speaks in Favor of Racial Profiling Hotline Bill

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March 17, 2009

LITTLE ROCK- Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and State Senator Hank Wilkins (D-Pine Bluff) spoke in favor of SB 1001, a bill that would establish a racial profiling hotline in the Attorney General's office.

The bill instructs the Attorney General's office to set up a dedicated toll free hotline housed within the office that will maintain statistics on complaints of reported racial profiling. The Attorney General will report the data to the Legislative Council and Task Force on Racial Profiling on an annual basis.

"Law enforcement is dedicated to proactively addressing racial profiling. I assure you that it is rare, but when racial profiling occurs its harmful to the people involved and to our justice system," McDaniel said. "This bill is about fairness, equality and justice."

The bill also contains a provision directing the Attorney General to report suspected criminal activity to the appropriate prosecuting agency.