McDaniel Statement on Retirement of Congressman Marion Berry

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January 25, 2010

LITTLE ROCK--Today, Representative Marion Berry (D-AR) announced his intention to retire from Congress. Serving Arkansas's First Congressional District since 1997, Berry has been an unwavering advocate for Arkansas's seniors, service men and women, farmers and families. He was instrumental in the passage of the 2002 Farm Bill and has been recognized as a leading national voice on agricultural issues. As a licensed pharmacist, he has spent his career championing better drug coverage for Medicare recipients and more affordable prescriptions for all Arkansans. The Delta Regional Authority-a state, local and federal effort to bolster economic conditions and improve the lives of Delta residents-was created out of legislation that was introduced and passed by Berry.

"I want to thank Marion Berry for his outstanding leadership and service to the First District of Arkansas. His many accomplishments will stand as a testament to his dedication to the working families he represents," said McDaniel. "Marion is more than a good friend to me. He is a valued mentor and inspiration in my own life and career, and he will remain so. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me personally since we met 14 years ago.

"With multiple open congressional seats, Arkansas politics is sure to be very interesting this year. I love serving Arkansas as our Attorney General, and I am hoping to be re-elected to a second term. Of course, the First Congressional District is my home. My family has been in Lawrence and Craighead Counties for many generations. In the coming days, many good people will consider making a run for this seat. I look forward to talking to the candidates and ultimately supporting one of them. However, today, my thoughts are with Marion and his family," McDaniel concluded.