McDaniel to Supports Gun Ownership Rights for Citizens at High Court

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November 27, 2007

McDaniel to Support Gun Ownership Rights for Citizens at High Court

LITTLE ROCK- Today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced his intent to support the Second Amendment as a "right to bear arms" for individuals, not just militia members, by joining a brief to be filed with the U.S. Supreme Court. Last week, the high court agreed to hear District of Columbia v. Heller, a lawsuit challenging gun laws enacted by the District of Colombia. The case is expected to be heard next spring.

The fundamental issue in Heller is whether the 2nd amendment confers a right to bear arms on individuals, as opposed to only state militias.

"I believe the Second Amendment confers a Constitutional right to bear arms on individuals, not just on militia members," McDaniel said. "It is a right that belongs to law-abiding Americans and it cannot be taken away by state, federal, or local laws."

Next year's ruling is considered extremely important, as it could settle for generations to come whether or not law abiding Americans will have a right to own a firearm.

Texas will file a brief with the Supreme Court arguing in favor of an individual's Second Amendment rights. Attorney General McDaniel announced today that Arkansas will join Texas on their brief.

"I spoke with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott yesterday morning and assured him that he could count on the full support of the Arkansas Attorney General's Office in briefing this case," McDaniel said. "I will also aid in recruiting other Attorneys General to sign on in opposition of DC's gun control laws."