Protect Your Financial Health, Hang-Up the Phone

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March 28, 2008 LITTLE ROCK Most of us are used to getting calls from telemarketers, and we simply know to hang-up the phone or politely refuse to buy what they are selling. However, a new telemarketing scam has hit Arkansas and claimed at least 10 victims. Accordingly, today, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn consumers about this new scam and offer tips on how to avoid falling victim to it.In the latest scheme, the telemarketer contacts a consumer and asks him to either provide or confirm his bank account and bank routing numbers and tries to sell the consumer a prescription discount card, Medicare benefit, health insurance or other health related product. Shortly after the call, amounts ranging from $29.95 to $399.00 are debited from the consumer's bank account, even after the consumer declined to purchase a product. Consumers also report that the telemarketers are extremely pushy or rude and often refuse to provide detailed information about the company. Anybody can be a target of this scam