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March 01, 2011

LITTLE ROCK - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued the following statement today regarding Senate Bill 423, which would classify several synthetic drugs as Controlled Substances, thus prohibiting their sale and use in the State:

"As the State's top law enforcement officer, I am committed to keeping harmful synthetic substances off store shelves and out of the hands of our children. Among my legislative priorities this year is SB 423 that would ban these substances, commonly known as 'bath salts,' 'K2,' and 'salvia.'

"All three of those substances have emerged in the last year as significant dangers to public health, creating damaging side effects and a high risk for abuse. Just this year alone, poison control officials in Arkansas have received more than a dozen calls regarding ingestion of 'bath salts,' a stimulant that can cause extreme paranoia and hallucinations.

"I commend the Senate Judiciary Committee for their 'Do Pass' recommendation of SB 423 on Monday afternoon and look forward to working with the Legislature to adopt this very important legislation. I thank the bill's sponsors, Sen. Percy Malone and Rep. John Vines, for their work on this bill.

"There's no place in our State for any of these materials, and I will continue to fight to protect Arkansans from these types of hazards."