Scam Artists Don’t Take Valentine’s Day Off

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February 09, 2007 LITTLE ROCK This Valentine's Day, millions of Americans will open their inboxes to find an e-card promising a special message from a special somebody. When one buys an e-card, an email is sent to the recipient who is asked to click on a link to view the message. E-cards can serve as low-cost, easy and last-minute expressions of love; however, they can also serve as covers for phishing scams. One of the most common phishing scams occurs when an email containing a link is sent from a seemingly legitimate source. If the email recipient clicks on the link, he or she is taken to a deceptive web site, where personal information is often requested. That personal information can then be used to steal the users identity or obtain other private information.This Valentine's Day if you see an email from a 'secret admirer