Small Businesses Beware of City Map Scam

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July 06, 2007 LITTLE ROCK Advertising is a good way to put one's business on the map: if more people know about your product, more people are likely to buy it. Recently, however, the Public Protection Department of the Attorney General's Office has learned that door-to-door salesmen have been calling on local businesses in northeastern Arkansas pitching a bogus advertising deal. Accordingly, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to advise business owners about this scam in hopes that they will avoid falling victim to it. According to the information received by the Public Protection Department, scam artists have shown up at local businesses trying to sell advertising space on promotional maps of the city. If the business owner agrees to pay several hundred dollars, he can put his business on the map and receive 200 complimentary copies to distribute. However, once the victim hands over the money, the check is usually cashed the same day by somebody using a false name and the business owner never receives the maps. This is scam is occurring right now in the part of the state I call home