Tax Time Means New Scams

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February 01, 2008 LITTLE ROCK As we enter the 2008 tax season, scam artists are coming up with new ways to take advantage of American taxpayers. Accordingly, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued this consumer alert to warn consumers about the latest tax scams.This week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned Americans about several new scams, including those that use refunds and audits as bait. In one scheme, con-artists, posing as IRS officials, call consumers and tell them that they can only receive a tax-refund if they provide the caller with bank account information for direct deposit. In another new scam, the consumer receives an email warning him that he will be audited and points him to a Web site to complete forms, which ask for personal account information. Accountants, tax firms and attorneys are also targets in this new wave of scams, as con-artists target them via emails, seemingly from the IRS, that contain instructions on how to download the latest changes to the tax code. If they follow the instructions and attempt to download the information, they may unknowingly download software that provides scammers with access to their hard-drives. Each year