Winter Webcast Series

The winter webcast series provides an opportunity for constituents across the state to gain valuable training on a variety of topics related to internet safety, teen dating violence prevention and consumer protection.  Arkansans can sign up for as many of the webcasts as they would like to participate in.

Contact Rachel Ellis at or 501-682-2007 with questions.

The schedule is listed below:

January 18 - Digital You


Digital You is a comprehensive, interactive educational program created by AT&T and  Common Sense Media to offer tools, tips, apps and guidance for people of all ages and levels of online experience to learn more about how to have a safe and secure online experience. Parents and educators will be given information about managing device usage, staying safe online,  handling issues like cyberbullying and online reputation and protecting devices.

January 25 - Break the Cycle


Participants will learn foundational knowledge about dating abuse, methods for intervention and instruction on how to implement a Healthy Relationships 101 session with their students or youth group. Using discussions about pop culture and media clips that are familiar to teens to illustrate examples of abuse, the presentations will discuss how media literacy can be used to help teens recognize abuse and become critical thinkers on how these images can affect teens’ views on healthy relationships.

February 8 - Senior scams


Scam artists are always finding new ways to try to trick consumers out of their hard earned  money, and senior citizens are often an easy target. This webcast will highlight some of the popular scams that target seniors, offer ways to spot the scam and what to do if you have been scammed.

February 15 - Identity Theft


Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes, most commonly to obtain access to credit in your name. Although there is no way to make sure that your personal information is totally safe, you can take steps to avoid becoming a victim. Learn about those steps and what to do if your identity has been stolen.

February 22 - Freedom of Information Act


The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is one of the most comprehensive and strongest open-records and open-meetings laws in the United States. This webcast will provide a workshop on the FOIA on the practical application of the law.