Tobacco Division

CigarettesIn 1998, 46 States and numerous other jurisdictions entered into a historic, multibillion dollar agreement to settle consumer protection lawsuits filed by the States for the costs that they had incurred for treating the negative health effects of smoking. This agreement, referred to as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), imposed several health-related and advertising restrictions. In addition, the MSA requires the settling tobacco manufacturers to make annual payments to the settling States. Arkansas received about $1.6 billion from the settlement, a portion of which is paid yearly by the settling tobacco companies. Arkansas’s annual payment is approximately $60 million. The money is used for smoking cessation programs, health care research and as an offset to some of the costs that fall on States because of smoking-related illnesses.

The Tobacco Division of the Attorney General’s Public Protection Department is responsible for enforcing the terms of the MSA in Arkansas.

In addition to this responsibility, several Arkansas statutes related to tobacco sales are enforced by the Attorney General’s office. These statutes relate to escrow payments made by certain tobacco manufacturers, the development and maintenance of an “Approved-for-Sale Directory” of cigarette brands that may be sold in the State, and the reporting or cigarette and “roll-your-own” cigarette sales by manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

The “Applicable Law” section below contains copies of applicable laws. The “Forms” section is available to those that transact in tobacco products and will facilitate their compliance with Arkansas law. The “Approved-For-Sale” section offers up-to-date information regarding the Approved-For-Sale Directory and other pertinent information.

Questions related to Arkansas tobacco reporting may be directed to or by calling (501) 682-2007.


Applicable Law