ID Theft Passport

The Attorney General has authority to issue what is known as an “Identity Theft Passport” to Arkansas residents who are victims of identity theft.

The ID Theft Passport is issued to Arkansans who has been or reasonably suspects that they are victims of financial identity fraud. Recipients must first file a police report stating they are victims.

The passport is a card similar to a driver’s license and is designed to assist financial identity fraud victims in reestablishing their good names. In addition, the Identity Theft Passport may help prevent a victim’s arrest for other criminal offenses committed by an identity thief. An application and instructions can be downloaded below.

The Legislature in 2005 authorized the Attorney General to launch its Identity Theft Passport program, housed within the AG’s Community Relations Department.

A representative of the Department is available to give presentations on the ID Theft Passport program to civic organizations and community groups.

ID Theft Information