Keys to Safety

Keys to SafetyIn this age of constantly changing technology, the Keys to Safety program provides practical steps that children can take to protect themselves as well as important tips for parents and educators in discussing safety issues with children.  The Attorney General's Office has developed Keys to Safety, a comprehensive curriculum, to educate young people about child abduction, runaway issues, Internet safety and cyberbullying.  

Keys to Safety is aimed at elementary and secondary students. It was developed based on recommendations and input from students, educators, and law-enforcement officials. It is adapted often to keep up with social media and Internet trends as well as technological advances. Keys to Safety provides a common sense approach to teaching young people ways to protect themselves.  The program teaches practical methods for accessing help, and it allows students the opportunity to practice assertiveness skills, demonstrate decision-making techniques, and assert protective behaviors.  

The elementary program focuses on teaching students basic safety concepts with an emphasis on online safety. Junior high and high school students take a close look at the dangers of running away and discuss online safety.

With Keys to Safety, fast-paced, innovative video segments are utilized for both elementary and secondary students to reinforce the most important points of the program.

The program also offers information for parents and teachers and is designed to provide tools to aid adults in keeping young people safe. Strong communication between parents and schools is emphasized.  The program provides suggestions for initiating discussions in the home. Parents are shown practical applications of safe habits that can and should be incorporated into daily life.
A representative from the Attorney General’s Office is available to provide a Keys to Safety presentation at no cost.