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Cyber Crimes Unit

Attorney General's roundtable disussion on cyber crimes in Lawrence County
The Attorney General's Special Investigations Department, which has jurisdiction throughout Arkansas, includes certified law enforcement officers committed to protecting Arkansas's children by investigating and arresting individuals who sexually exploit children online.

Forensic examiners in the Cyber Crimes Unit's state-of-the-art labratory utilize the latest equipment to keep pace with ever-changing technology. The Special Investigations Department works cooperatively with federal, State and local law enforcement agencies at every stage of investigations, arrests and convictions.

Sheriff's offices and police departments often assist the Cyber Crimes Unit executing search warrants or apprehending suspects. Attorneys with the office collaborate with prosecutors who pursue charges against criminals on behalf of the State.

Deputy Attorney General Will Jones speaking at a trainingThe Special Investigations Department is a member of the Arkansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which conducts investigations regarding crimes involving children.

Report Crimes Against Children
  • Report child exploitation by calling the National Cyber Tip Line, (800) 843-5678, or visit
  • Report other internet-related crimes to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • To report child abuse, call the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 482-5964.
  • In the event of an emergency, call 911 or a local law enforcement agency.

2015 at a Glance

  • Six arrests
  • 332 years in prison
  • Assisted law enforcement agencies with 24 investigations

2016 at a Glance

  • Closed nine cases
  • Seven arrests
  • Three trials
  • Six plea agreements
  • 466 years in prison
  • Assisted law enforcement agencies with 52 investigations and seven arrests
  • 24 cybertip investigations

2017 at a Glance

  • Four arrests
  • 31 agency assists
  • Processed 584 evidence items
  • 20 cybertip investigations
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