Fender Bender Facts

LITTLE ROCK – According to the Arkansas State Police, on all public roads during 2014 there were 60,947 total crashes reported. After a car accident, drivers may not be thinking clearly and may not know what to do next.

“The first and most important tip is to stay calm,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “Vehicle accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, but most Arkansans are unaware of the steps to take and their rights in the moments after the wreck.”

Attorney General Rutledge released these tips on what to do after a vehicle accident:

  • Stay calm; you need to be in control of the situation.
  • Call an ambulance if anyone is injured.
  • Be aware of and warn oncoming traffic of the situation by turning on hazard warning lights. If the accident is a simple fender bender, then it is smart to move out of traffic. Although, if the accident is more severe, do not move the vehicles.
  • If there is significant property damage, injury or death, call the police to file an official police report.
  • Immediately write down or take a photo of the involved vehicles’ license plate numbers.
  • Exchange information such as name, address, contact details, driver license number and auto insurance information for the motorists involved.
  • Obtain statements and contact information from any willing witnesses.
  • Take photos of all vehicle damage, all physical injuries and any evidence that shows road and/or weather conditions.
  • Do not admit fault for an auto accident. Fault will be determined upon further investigation.
  • Contact your insurance company and file your car insurance claim.
  • If the police officer requires a phone number, then consider listing a number other than a mobile number in order to avoid unwanted telephone and text solicitations following your accident.

For more information and tips to avoid scams and other consumer-related issues, contact the Arkansas Attorney General’s office at (800) 482-8982 or or visit or