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ATTORNEY GENERAL ALERT: Scammers Targeting Funeral Homes

November 6, 2020

LITTLE ROCK – The loss of a loved one is difficult enough for family as they make funeral arrangements, but scam artists have been targeting funeral homes to trick the businesses into giving the recently passed family member’s social security number and other personal information. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s Office has identified scam artists posing as family members calling funeral homes seeking the social security number of “their beloved family member” to complete end-of-life arrangements.

“Scam artists have taken their skills to a new low by targeting families and businesses dealing with the heart-wrenching loss of our loved ones and causing long-term problems for the family and finances,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “I urge any funeral homes receiving calls demanding social security or personal information to hang up the phone and call my office immediately.”

Attorney General Rutledge released the following tips to help consumers and businesses avoid social security scams:

  • Establish policies and procedures. Protect consumer information and prevent consumer data breaches.
  • Train your staff. Make sure all employees know your office’s policy about consumer privacy protection and safeguards, when it comes to purchasing supplies, receiving goods, and invoicing.
  • Verify to clarify. Be wary of anybody who calls out of the blue claiming to be your regular supplier or client. Ask the caller to verify the account number or contact your supplier or client independently to confirm the authenticity of the information offered.
  • Consider adopting a policy where the company does not provide personal information over the phone without prior authorization
  • Be skeptical of any phone call requesting personal information, such as social security numbers, and verify the identity of the caller

For more information and tips to avoid scams and other consumer related issues, call the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office at (800) 482-8982 or visit

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