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Don’t Let a Lemon Leave a Sour Taste

April 10, 2015

Arkansas’s Lemon Law provides a safety net for some purchasers whose vehicles have recurring problems. Any vehicle less than two years old or which has less than 24,000 miles is covered under the State's Lemon Law. Any recurring problem, including defects that impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle, could trigger this protection.

Many problems with newer cars can be repaired by the dealer at no cost to the purchaser. Occasionally however, a vehicle may experience the same issue or defect several times. When this occurs, Arkansas consumers have the right to request a refund or replacement of the vehicle through the Lemon Law dispute resolution process.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge issued today’s consumer alert to educate Arkansans on how they can protect themselves with the Arkansas New Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act, or Lemon Law. State Lemon Laws outline consumer rights and procedures if a vehicle develops a significant problem that cannot be repaired after a certain number of attempts.

“Lemon Law claims can be filed by following a few easy steps and without consumers hiring an attorney,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “My office has issued ‘A Consumer’s Guide to the Arkansas Lemon Law’ to help Arkansans who believe they may have purchased a lemon.”

Any consumer who buys, leases or licenses a new motor vehicle in the State of Arkansas is covered by the Lemon Law during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years after the original delivery date of the vehicle, or for the first 24,000 miles, whichever is longer. If the vehicle is transferred to someone else during this period, that owner or person leasing the vehicle is also covered under the Lemon Law.

The Attorney General offered the following tips to consumers who notice nonconformities after purchasing a new vehicle:

  • Read the Lemon Law Handbook that the car dealer provides at the time of purchase. If you need a second copy, you can obtain one from the Attorney General’s Office or by clicking here.
  • Report problems to the dealer or manufacturer immediately and take your vehicle to the dealer for evaluation.
  • Keep repair receipts and a complete record of contacts with the dealer and manufacturer and visits to repair shops.
  • Use the form letters in the Lemon Law Handbook to send a “demand letter” to the manufacturer, along with a copy to the Independent Dispute Settlement Program.

Arkansas’s Lemon Law does not cover mopeds, motorcycles, the living quarters of motor homes or most vehicles weighing more than 13,000 pounds. The law also does not cover vehicles that have been substantially altered after its initial sale from the dealer.

For more information on consumer-related topics, call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 482-8982 or

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