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    Military Families Make Your Vote Count

    August 10, 2016

    Active duty military service members and their families are ensured voting eligibility in their state of legal residence under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This means that any active duty Arkansan stationed outside the State is still eligible to vote in the upcoming general election, including all State and local races.

    Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge issued today’s consumer alert to ensure military families are aware of the deadlines and the necessary steps to make their vote count on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

    “Just like all Americans, active duty military members should ensure they are registered to vote,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “But families who are stationed in another state or overseas need to plan ahead to ensure they are registered in plenty of time, request the appropriate absentee ballot and have it turned in to be processed in a timely manner.”

    Attorney General Rutledge released the following dates to help Arkansans stay on track to make sure their vote counts in November:

    • Friday, Sept. 23 – The federal government requires states to provide voters requesting an absentee ballot prior to this date with an absentee ballot. States can issue absentee ballots after this date, and active duty Arkansans can request an online ballot up to Election Day.
    • Monday, Oct. 10 – Deadline to register to vote in the general election.
    • Tuesday, Nov. 8 –Absentee ballots for active duty military members and their families must be postmarked by Election Day.
    • Friday, Nov. 18 – Deadline for county clerks to receive an absentee ballot from active duty military members and their families.

    According to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Elections Division, absentee ballots can be delivered through either the U.S. Postal Service or Ballot Safe, a secure online website. If the military service member decides to download the ballot instead of receiving a hard copy, the ballot will need to be printed, filled out and mailed to the county clerk, postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 8.

    Military and family members are eligible to vote in their state of legal residence. This could be an original address, or the families can change their legal residence at each permanent duty station change. The American Bar Association encourages military families to keep voter registration, vehicle registration and State of legal residence the same for tax purposes.

    Arkansas military service members, veterans and families should file consumer complaints with the Attorney General’s office on or by calling (800) 482-8982.

    For more information and tips to avoid scams and other consumer related issues, contact the Arkansas Attorney General’s office at (800) 482-8982 or or visit or

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