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    Million Dollar Giveaway? It May Be a Scam.

    January 18, 2017

    LITTLE ROCK – Scammers are using the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s (AGFC) name to steal money from people across The Natural State. The Arkansas Attorney General’s office recently received complaints of Arkansans getting phone calls, often with a Jamaican area code, from someone claiming to be from the AGFC. The person receiving the call is told they are the winner of a $2.5 million giveaway. The only thing they need to do to claim their winnings is wire an $850 “processing fee.” This is a scam.

    “Scammers know that pretending to be from a respected agency makes them more believable,” said Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “Arkansans must stay diligent and never wire money to someone they do not know. If you have to send money to get money, it is a scam.”

    Attorney General Rutledge offered the following tips for anyone who receives this call or one similar.

    • A consumer should never have to pay something to receive a “free” prize. Be wary of anyone requiring payment in advance to obtain winnings.
    • Be cautious if someone asks that a fee be paid through a pre-paid credit card or by wiring money. If payments are made, the money may never be seen again. Legitimate organizations will accept standard and traceable forms of payments.
    • People who accept these offers become targets of other scammers when their information is shared or sold to others.
    • Never provide any financial account information to an unknown person or entity.
    • If the call is from a government agency, consider hanging up and calling the agency back on a phone number found on their website.

    Although the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission does offer small prizes, such as free hunting or fishing licenses or fishing poles, they do not offer cash prizes. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission encourages Arkansans who receive this call to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, and if there are any questions, AGFC can be contacted at 501-223-6300.

    For more information and tips to avoid scams and other consumer related issues, contact the Arkansas Attorney General’s office at 800-482-8982 or or visit or

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