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ICYMI: Arkansas Pipeliners and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge Update Fox & Friends on Biden’s Job Killing Keystone Pipeline Order

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LITTLE ROCK – Last week Fox & Friends co-host Carley Shimkus met with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and pipeline workers in Bald Knob, Arkansas, a town known as the “Pipeliner Capital of the World.” Rutledge filed a lawsuit against the administration after Biden ceremoniously revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit back in January stating environmental concerns and an abundance of ‘green jobs’ available to those employed in the oil and gas industry. The lawsuit, signed by 20 attorneys general, argues that killing the Keystone Pipeline permit is unconstitutional.

“For the last three months these Arkansans have been unable to secure green energy jobs as promised by President Biden because they do not exist,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “With the swipe of a pen, Biden eliminated the Keystone Pipeline permit, and he did so without proper authority. We’re simply asking the court to revoke the cancellation and to allow the pipeline to move forward until Congress makes that decision so Arkansans can get back to work.”

Those left unemployed by Biden’s January order, after he revoked the multi-billion dollar permit and effectively killed 11,000 American jobs, say that Biden abandoned blue collar workers.

  • One Arkansas Pipeliner tells Fox News, “I’ll look [Biden] dead in his eyes and tell him there are no green jobs.” “I’ve looked for them green jobs” and instead “I started a trucking company because there are no green jobs.”
  • Another pipeliner is quoted saying, “If I’m not working, I’m barely scraping by. I’ve got two kids I’m trying to support. If I’m not working, what am I supposed to do?”
  • A group of pipeliner women from Arkansas share similar sentiments as they discuss their families’ hardships. One woman states, “[her] entire family is unemployed now‚” while another mentions ‚”we’ll lose everything we have [everything] that we’ve worked our entire lives for.”

Here’s more from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge:

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