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Oral Arguments Challenging EPA’s Power Plan

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge released a statement today after the conclusion of oral arguments in West Virginia v. EPA, the court challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.

“The so-called Clean Power Plan will skyrocket electric rates for Arkansans,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “With the slow economic growth, no Arkansas family or business owner, especially those on fixed incomes, can afford these higher costs. This plan is illegal and thankfully the U.S. Supreme Court has put in place an unprecedented stay, preventing its implementation. I am pleased the D.C. Circuit has finally heard oral arguments in this case, and I am hopeful the court will recognize that the EPA overstepped and the plan should not be allowed to go forward.”

Arkansas is part of a bipartisan coalition of 29 states and state agencies that are challenging the Clean Power Plan in the D.C. Circuit. In February, following a request from the coalition, the U.S. Supreme Court placed an injunction on the plan until its full legality can be determined.

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