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Rutledge Applauds Signing of Safeguarding Against Financial Exploitation of Retirees for Arkansans Act

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge released a statement today following the Arkansas Legislature’s passing of the Safeguarding Against Financial Exploitation of Retirees for Arkansans Act (SAFER AR) and Governor Asa Hutchinson’s signing it into law. The SAFER AR Act will amend current law to strengthen the protection of seniors from predatory scam practices.

“It is heartbreaking to see Arkansas seniors targeted by scam artists who are looking to take advantage and steal life savings,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “This law will give my office the ability to continue fighting and more cohesively protect Arkansas retirees and veterans who should never be exploited for their money.”

Little Rock resident Betty Underwood, 79, joined Attorney General Rutledge for the signing of the SAFER AR Act. Underwood has been a target of scam artists who have tried to get her personal information, but luckily has family members actively involved in her life that protect her information.

“Too many older Arkansans have naively assumed all people are trustworthy and lost money or property to scammers looking to take advantage of seniors.” Said Mrs. Underwood. “I am proud of Attorney General Rutledge, her team, the Legislature and the Governor for passing this law that will make it easier to put a stop to financial scams and will educate my generation to not be so trusting.”

The law develops protocols between several state agencies and the Attorney General’s Office to make it possible for swifter action against con artists or caregivers engaging in fraud, exploitation, or abuse.

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