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Rutledge Files Lawsuit Seeking Arkansas Business’s Money From Wire Fraud Hack

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today filed a lawsuit to recover a Jonesboro company’s money following an online hack. A scam artist fraudulently hacked into email correspondence between Nitrogen Solutions LLC, a Jonesboro company, and Copper Tip Entergy Services USA LLC, a North Dakota company. The hackers infiltrated Nitrogen Solutions’s email system and sent fraudulent payment instructions to Copper Tip. Copper Tip’s employee believed they were wiring $55,072.58 to Nitrogen Solutions, however the money was sent to a JP Morgan Chase Bank account set up by the scam artist.

”These scammers are savvy and are constantly looking for new cons to steal money from hard-working Arkansans,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “My office works diligently with financial institutions and state and federal law enforcement agencies to stay informed about new and changing tactics scammers are using to take people’s money. Please contact my office if you, or someone you know, may have been a victim of a scam such as this, and let my office do the fighting for you.”

When Nitrogen Solutions discovered it had not yet received the funds, it contacted Copper Tip and discovered the fraud. Nitrogen Solutions filed a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General’s office where it was then discovered the scam artist had opened an account in a California resident’s name, who was completely unaware of the scam. Since neither Nitrogen Solutions nor Copper Tip were Chase customers, Chase refused to discuss the transaction with them. The lawsuit seeks an order allowing Chase Bank to immediately release the money to Nitrogen Solutions, the rightful owner

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