Mr. Paul Lux

Sergeant (Retired) Paul Lux enlisted in the U.S. Army in Little Rock in 1939. He was stationed in various locations around the United States before he was shipped to the Panama Canal in 1940.

While in Panama, Paul was assigned as a cook in the mess section. He says that at the time of his assignment, he didn’t know how to boil water much less cook. But he succeeded, and after being transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Sergeant Lux became known as someone who kept a very clean kitchen. Accordingly, he was promoted to Mess Sergeant.

Paul shipped to Germany in the fall of 1944, by way of Liverpool, England. His division rolled though Paris on Christmas Day in 1944. He and his unit spent some time in Belgium as part of the Battle of the Bulge response.

After the war, Paul returned to his birthplace, Subiaco, Arkansas, where he married Ann Seiter. The couple had six children. He is devoted to his family, his Catholic faith, and to the legacy of Subiaco Abbey. Paul, who turned 100 in December 2017, is enjoying his retirement in Barling.

A special thanks goes to Senator John Boozman and his staff for contributing to this interview.

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