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Law Enforcement Summit

Tuesday, October 5
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Benton Event Center

Law Enforcement Trainings

In addition to our in-person trainings, the Attorney General's office is offering increased free, online statewide law enforcement trainings in 2021 and 2022. Officers will have an entire month to view the trainings at a time that best fits their schedule. When the month of the training arrives, each attendee will receive a personalized link and passcode. CLEST credit on all trainings by CalibrePress is pending.


April 1–30 (SOLD OUT)
24/7 Survival: The Realities of Working in Law Enforcement: 2.5 hours

Law enforcement is not a job. It is a life…and not an easy one. It’s laced with unique, intense stress that can seem endless, and at times, overwhelming. If you’re not “training” to navigate the emotional rollercoaster and creating a plan to survive the ride, the result can be—as we’ve all seen—tragic.

This candid, extremely practical course can literally be a lifesaver. Calibre Press Senior Instructor Liam Duggan will explore the root causes—some obvious, some not so obvious—of stress on and off the job, help you develop skills to recognize when stress may be creeping too far over the line in your life and arm you with strategies to regain control and get back on a healthy track.

June 1-30
Female Enforcers Advanced Mental, Physical and Tactical Skills training: 6 hours

Female Enforcers is a one-day course specifically designed to address the 24/7 realities of law enforcement from a woman’s perspective. This inspiring seminar focuses on Gender Advantages and Disadvantages in the areas of Use of Force Encounters, Innate Instincts, Communication Skills, Physical Fitness and Training Strategies.

This course is constantly evolving to incorporate the most current issues, events and supporting material for women looking to excel in their personal and professional lives.

August 1-31
The Gravity of Force Events From Tactics & Training to Investigations & Court training: 3 hours

This course will interpret some of the nation’s most impactful court decisions related to actual incidents involving multiple levels of force. Using Graham v. Connor, Tennessee v. Garner and many more cases, the course will utilize real life, recorded incidents as examples of officers who used sound tactics, as well as those who allowed poor tactics to dictate their response, which ultimately led them to be suspect to liability.

It’s designed to help officers at all levels — from patrol to investigations — understand the key elements of the law that must be considered when force decisions are made in an effort to reduce claims of excessive and/or unnecessary force.

February 1-28
Step-by-Step Strategies for Domestic Disturbance Response training: 2 hours

Navigating domestic dispute calls is notoriously dangerous for police officers who find themselves thrust into volatile confrontations, often played out in tactically challenging settings and characterized by violent outbursts, extreme emotion and unpredictable behavior. In fact, 30% – 40% of line of duty deaths occur while responding to domestic dispute calls.

Instructor Lt. Kelly DeVoll has expertly designed this course to be realistic, practical and immediately applicable. He approaches the many unknowns involved with these calls from a position of experience. He dynamically explores everything from irrational shifts in thinking officers often witness when victims suddenly transition from thanking officers for removing an assaultive person to attacking those same officers for doing so to the unique threats posed during response, engagement and departure.

Lack of specialized training in domestic dispute response, like that presented in this course, can have tragic results. This practical, experience-based course gives officers step-by-step training for safely navigating every phase of domestic dispute response.

Check our trainings page and events section for more details on law enforcement trainings.

2021 Officer of the Year Awards

Nominations due August 31
|Nomination form

Outstanding law enforcement Officers of the Year will be recognized from each of the 75 counties in the state. Out of this amazing group, five regional winners and the statewide Officer of the Year will be honored.

Awards Luncheon
11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Benton Event Center

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Law Enforcement Manual

The Ninth Edition of the Arkansas Law Enforcement Pocket Manual, which provides guidance to officers confronted with fundamental legal issues, is available to Arkansas officers.

The statutes and rules included are derived from current versions of the Arkansas Code Annotated and the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure. Additional information is based on current judicial interpretations of statutes and rules.

Arkansas law enforcement may obtain copies of the 2019 Arkansas Law Enforcement Manual by submitting the online form or emailing

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