Public Safety

File of LIfe

In the event of a medical emergency, first responders have little time to ask patients the important questions they need to know before treating someone or transporting them to a hospital. Sometimes, a patient is unable to provide any information at all.

And because mere seconds matter during an emergency, the Attorney General provides File of Life to senior citizens and others to keep important medical information accessible to first responders.

Arkansans can list their preferred doctors or hospitals, as well as emergency contact information. Current medications are listed along with any known allergies, medical conditions and medical and surgical history.

The information fits into an index-card sized pouch with a magnet so the file can be attached to a refrigerator, so it is easily locatable when needed.

To obtain a File of Life or receive multiple files for senior citizens organizations, complete this short order form, email or call (501) 682-2007.

Interns insert File of Life forms to distribute to senior citizens.